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Business Partner "Granatalm" with Penken Pepi

Penken, the Action Mountain, holds numerous surprises and sport options for you to discover!

Diverse hiking routes, whether from Tux, Mayrhofen, or Finkenberg, lead directly to the "Granatalm" (Garnet Alp). There, the "Penken Pepi" is waiting for the little hikers. This 8-m-tall teddy bear is the focal point of the newly-built playground and lets kids' heart beat faster. It sits facing our appealing sun terrace. 

There you'll be able to enjoy hearty Tyrolean delicacies, but also a lot more - e.g. the comfortable lounge furniture and deck chairs ideal for sunbathing.

Our Penken Pepi

In the winter season, "Pepis Kinderland" was the place to attempt the first swings and turns on skis, but now the area just in front of the "Granatalm" has another summer attraction. The summer playground was constructed as a counterpart of the winter children's area, and the new highlight is visible from far away. 

In the new playground, an 8 m tall playable teddy bear made from wood - once the toy of the Tux giant - greets all the children. Its interior is the ultime playground for every child. On three levels there won't be a chance for boredom. In addition to a crawling tube, a playhouse, and a distoring mirror, there is also a climbing wall as well as many other attractions. Those who are done with playing, rollicking, and climbing, simply leave the giant teddy on a slide. 

Not only do Pepi's eyes offer a grandiose view of the surrounding mountains, there are also many more peepholes through which children can spy on their parents on our sun terrace.


The Garnet Chapel on the Penkenjoch

The "Granatkapelle" (Garnet Chapel) is located on the sun plateou of the Penkenjoch, in the heart of the magnificent Zillertal mountains. It uniquely combines the nature of the garnet stone that was mined in past centuries in the Stillupp valley, and that of local woods. The chapel is dedicated to Blessed Engelbert Kolland who was born in the Zillertal.

The chapel, also known as “Capella Granata”, was designed by Mario Botta. The architect from the Swiss canton of Tessin is known especially for his strictly geometric and simple shapes. The interior is decorated by a portrait of the Blessed as a mosaic made from five local woods by the sculptor Markus Thurner. inheimischen Hölzern von dem Bildhauer Markus Thurner gefertigt wurde. The icon of Our Lady of Kazan is mounted opposite the portrait.

The Garnet Chapel is only open in summer. 

Opening hours correspond to those of the Granatalm.

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